Michael Minchin

Structural Design Drafter
Project Manager

3D documentation of large warehouse structures and industrial buildings
Design management

Michael is leading design draftsperson, specialising in the 3D modelling of industrial structures. Michael is fast, detail oriented and efficient. He takes time to read and understand the Client specifications to ensure that all their requirements are met. Michael takes personal pride in ensuring that all dead-lines are met on time. Michael is also accustomed to dealing direct with project managers to ensure the best possible finish and to meet all the client’s needs.

Career Highlights

Client – Whitehorse Constructions
Fantastic Furniture—Project Management and Design Draftsman 
70,000sqm production and storage warehouse facility with 60 loading docks in a 45 degree configuration which provided challenges with the alignment of portal column and loading dock panels. The main portal frame span 150m with 4 internal columns and incorporate high level Syphonic drainage in the design. The awning which spans the length of the building is 30m wide consisting of feature trusses and blade walls.

Client – Australand
Corporate Express – Project Management and Design Draftsman (AUD $55m)
One of the largest logistic developments in Western Sydney consisting of 40,000sqm warehouse and 2,000sqm 2 story office, it is a leading example of sustainable development for the industrial sector in Australia. The facility was designed to consolidate six separate facilities and became the flagship for Corporate Express.

Career history

2009 – present
Griffiths Engineers Australia—Design Draftsman / Project Manager

Western Corridor Recycled Water Project Alliance – Lead Structural Design Draftsman

1996 to 2008
Griffiths Engineers— Design Draftsman/ Project Manager

Projects Summary

1996 to present
Structural Design Draftsman / Project Manager—Griffiths Engineers Est. 1973

Client – Prime Constructions for Goodman
Interlink Industrial Estate, Erskine Park
Construction Cost – (AUD) $21.8m
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

30,000sqm warehouse facility comprising of 3 tenancies being Jeminex (Unit 1), Silk Logistics (Unit 2) and Fresenius Kabi (Unit 3). Each tenancy has its own 2 storey office space. The design allowed the construction works to be handed over in 3 stages to suit the individual requirements of tenants.

Michael was responsible for design documentation, project management and liaising with client and Architect to achieve a very efficient and timely building.

Client – FDC
Complete Office Supplies, Lidcombe
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

FDC appointed us the Principle Engineer to provide design and documentation to a 14,000sqm warehouse storage and distribution facility. Our team also provided design to the refurbishment and extension of an existing office space. A new 3,000sqm split level car park was also added as a link way between the warehouse and office.

Michael was responsible for design documentation and team management to ensure the design documents were delivered on time to allow for construction to be completed before COS relocation date.

2013 MBA Winner of Best Industrial Building 10 – 20M
Client – Prime Constructions for Goodman/DHL Supply Chain
DHL Oakdale, Horsley Park
Construction Cost – (AUD) $13.5m
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

20,650sqm Logistical facility comprising of 20,000sqm warehouse, 500sqm office space and 150sqm of dock office space.

Michael was responsible for design documentation, project management and liaising with client and Architect to achieve the specific requirements from DHL.

Client – FDC
Fashion Biz, Prestons
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

Three connecting warehouses totalling 17,500sqm, each with its own 2 storey office. Integral to the client’s requirements was the need to install an internal mezzanine racking system over 3 levels which resulted in an extensive fire-rated design.

Michael was responsible for design documentation and team management. This ensured the project was able to be delivered as per the required time schedule, as the client had to re-locate their stock from an existing facility, which was subject to lease expiry.

Client – FDC Constructions
Vistaprint Derrimut, Melbourne
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

Vistaprint is an international online supplier of printed and promotional materials. This project comprises a 10,000sqm purpose built printing facility.

Working along with the FDC design team, Michael managed to provide Structural design documentation that aided the construction to be finished in 6 months and helped FDC to achieve a successful handover.

Client: Prime Constructions
Al Faisal College, Auburn (AUD 10 million)—Sydney, NSW
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

Al Faisal College – Building D is a 6 storey school building in Auburn. This structure was won in a D&C capacity by Prime Constructions, who engaged Griffiths Engineers for our economic and speedy designs with thought through safety and pragmatic construction build-ability.

Michael was responsible for 3D Modelling and documentation of the 6 levels of post tensioned slab drawings and many extensive detailed sections. The two precast panel stair shafts were detailed in a manner to allow early installation in very tight areas, which aided in the smooth construction of the project.

Client: FDC Construction
Construction Cost – (AUD) $13.5m
Stage 2 & 3 Bulk storage Warehouse, Pinkenba Brisbane, QLD
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

This project to design and construct two new 10,000sqm bulk storage warehouses. Bulk material storage heights of up to 10 metres posed complex structural consideration due to high levels of vertical and lateral loading of the floors and walls. FDC worked in collaboration with Griffiths Engineers to provide a design and construct solution that met and exceeded client expectations. The project was successfully handed over within the contract timeframe. Michael was responsible for delivery of construction drawings, coordination with the Architect as well as fielding queries from both the project manager and site manager.

Client – FDC Constructions
Fujitsu Western Sydney Data Centre, Greystanes
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

8,500sqm purpose built data centre comprising of 3 levels of warehouse and data storage and 2 levels of office accommodation. The scope of works was to provide a Structural design that allowed the initial stage of the data centre to be constructed in a small amount of time, whilst allowing for future extensions to be constructed without impacting on the operation. Then were many fire rating issue to design for, as well as trying to incorporate as much “Fujitsu Green” concepts into the design, such as the timber feature columns supporting the office roof.

Michael provided many detailed drawings for FDC and liaised with the design team to achieve a successful outcome.

Client: Prime Constructions
Hobson Engineering, Eastern Creek
Lead Structural Design Draftsman
Construction Cost – (AUD) $13.0m

The Hobson project consists of two stand alone warehouse facilities totalling approx. 12,000sqm which are interconnected by a central breezeway. Each of the buildings has an attached two storey office, one of which is the headquarters for the Hobson Engineering Company.

Michael worked along the Prime Construction team to provide an extremely cost effective and extremely functional design for the owners. The project included high racking load requirement and premium quality warehouse floor design to cater for specific materials handling equipment.

Client: Prime Constructions for AHG
Holden Dealership, Castlehill
Lead Structural Design Draftsman
Construction Cost – (AUD) $6.5m

The facility consists of a showroom and 14 hoist workshops. Built on an occupied site with substantial infrastructure works the project presented a number of challenges for structural design and co-ordination.

Michael worked along with the Architect and Prime Constructions to provide structural documentation in a timely fashion.

Client: Prime Constructions
Myer, Wonderland Drive, Eastern Creek
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

28,000sqm distribution warehouse consisting of a 2 storey office, featuring structural steel mezzanine design and specialized wall panels.

Michael was responsible for design documentation, project management and liaising with client.

Client – Prime Constructions for Stelvena P/L
King Fisher Business park, Belrose
Construction Cost – (AUD) $4.22m
Lead Structural Design Draftsman

10,000sq/m design and construct industrial unit development which required significant earthworks and featured multiple curved free-spanning roof design and exposed feature columns. The project also includes 20% commercial area with extensive outlook over the Belrose Valley.

Michael was responsible for design documentation, project management and liaising with client.

2008 to 2009
Structural Design Draftsman—Western Corridor Recycled Water Project Gibson Island
Gibson Island Alliance

Gibson Island Alliance comprised of, MWH, Worley Parsons, Baulderstone Hornibrook and United Group Infrastructure and various sub-contractors were responsible for constructing the Gibson Island Advanced Water Treatment Plant, which produces up to 100 ML of purified recycled water a day. The Alliance constructed the project’s largest plant on the smallest site.

More than 30 innovations were delivered during construction, with a number of these being implemented following suggestions from the construction workforce. These resulted in cost savings and productivity improvements. In keeping with the project’s water sustainability precepts, environmental engineers devised a means of capturing and recycling rain water from the roof of the main process building and redirecting it to the water treatment plant.

Michael with his Structural experience was able to provide advice and documentation on various pipe connections and supports. He also helped in the design of the plants Lime tank support structure. He also furthered his skills by learning Mechanical 3D and produced Process and Instrumentation Diagram detailing.