Project Description

Lotus Apartments – Lane Cove, NSW

Builder: Prime Constructions
Architect: Nettleton Tribe
Location: Lane Cove, NSW, Australia
Value: $60 million
Completion: 2017

The Lotus apartments is an 11 storey structure of luxury apartment in Sydney’s Lane Cove.

Our team was engaged as the structural engineer for this building. The building posed numerous structural challenges, such as load-bearing walls not aligned above each other on numerous levels, unbalanced retaining, and being positioned directly above Lane Cove tunnel. These engineering challenges were resolved using detailed technical analysis and design.

The structure was constructed just metres above Lane Cove Tunnel. Foundations were sized, so as to not overstress the tunnel.

The retaining forces are unbalanced, with 10m of retaining on two sides and no retaining on the opposite two sides of the building. The structural design had to rectify the unbalanced earth retaining forces.

The apartment levels are supported by load-bearing concrete walls. The architectural layout changes on four of the levels, many of these transfers are designed within the walls themselves, with walls spanning across non-aligned walls below. Adopting this design approach saved the client and architect from having to increase slab depth.