Project Description

Griffiths Engineers Australia provided Structural design services for The Switchyard in Auburn in Sydney’s west. A $250 million 14ha project at 300 Manchester Road in Auburn. Switchyard will deliver approximately 72,000 sqm of high-quality industrial space with units ranging between 1,600 sqm and 5,000 sqm.

This modern industrial marvel shows a harmonious blend of functionality and versatility. The Switchyard hosts not just one, but six warehouse buildings, each ingeniously subdivided into tenancies with 26 multi-story offices that redefine spatial dynamics. 🔄💼

🏸 Flexibility Unleashed: From Distribution to Badminton 🚚🏸 Witness the transformation of industrial space into a flexible haven, seamlessly accommodating both distribution hubs and the unexpected thrill of badminton matches! 🤿🚀 Who says industrial can’t be fun?

🚗🕳️ Underground Elegance: Unveiling the Hidden Carpark 🌌🅿️ Beneath the surface, discover a concealed gem—an underground car park that not only preserves the aesthetics of the landscape but also optimizes space utilization, providing 84 under cover spaces, bike store, storage rooms and amenities . 🚗💨

🤩 Why We’re Proud: 🤝 This project is more than just steel and concrete—it’s a testament to our commitment to designing quality structures, providing detailed considered designs, that provide the best value for the design life of each element. The Switchyard stands tall as a beacon of innovative structural design, proving that industrial spaces can be both functional and inspiring. 🌈🏗️


  • Structural design services


Prime Construction


SBA Architects


300 Manchester Road Auburn, NSW, Australia


A$250 million